Sunday, 15 May 2011

TV: Survivor Finale & Predictions!

All logic is against me doing this article today, as almost no one voted for TV in the poll and the last time I commented on a reality TV show I got a lackluster response; but I can't not comment on this topic, as it is an important media event. Don't hate! Haha.

Finale season is upon us! In the case of the Survivor reality series, Redemption Island has evolved into what can be described as a revival of the aging series. 

For those who've never experienced Survivor (who are you?), the game starts off by dropping 18 (give or take) citizens into an area (usually an island), and forcing them into a set of tribes to live for the next 36 or so days. They are tasked to compete against one another in challenges for rewards such as fire, food, tarps, and trips, as well as immunity. Those who do not win immunity are forced to vote one person off the island at tribal council, a process that is repeated every 3 days (every episode is 3 days).

Back to this season...

Redemption Island honestly should just be renamed Survivor: Boston Rob, as hardened reality star Boston Rob has dominated every aspect of the game. He's one of the few people in the history of the game to play so effectively, avoiding any sort of inter-tribe cracking before the merge, and in turn keep himself in as he eliminates his old tribe mates one by one.

The twist however is Redemption Island, the place where eliminated castaways are sent to compete in their final challenge(s). 
Sporadically throughout the season, a person still standing on Redemption Island would be allowed to reenter the game, a feat which only will happen twice, once already, and once in the finale. 

My Predictions

Okay, right now we have Boston Rob (BR), Natalie (N), Phillip (P), and Ashley (A) left on the main island, as well as Andrea (AN), Mike (M), Grant (G), and Matt (MT) on Redemption Island (RI). 

If someone is brought back from RI before anyone is voted off, and if its a physical challenge that determines who comes back, then its going to be either M, MT, or GT who comes back. No matter who comes back, BR will attempt to get his "group" to vote the new person off. The only chance of this going wrong for BR would be if G is the one who comes back, and A gets G and N to vote BR, because if it isn't G, no one would be that stupid to give M or MT a free million dollars, and AN is just a loose end.  Although, if I was in BR position and the vote was for one of BR, AN, A, P, and N, I would probably attempt to vote out A, as she is more of a threat to BR then AN

However, if someone from RI is brought back after the first vote, then BR is in a lot of trouble, especially if A wins the immunity. That is because if A wins immunity, and the choice is then between P, BR, and N, then N will definitely side with her "friend" A, and P would be stupid not to recognize what was going on. Then BR would have to win his way back in to get a chance at the million. 

If the final four is BR, P, A, and N, and BR wins the final challenge, the final three would be BR, N, and PIf P wins then it would be P, BR, and N. If A wins, it would be A, N, and P, and if N wins it would be N, P, and "?". If any of the RI people somehow get to the final four, then you would replace BR with them in this equation.

Therefore, no matter what combination the final four is, P and N will be in the final three, and the remaining slot will be fought over by BRA, and if a miracle occurs, the RI person. 

In the final vote, assuming each person gives a speech that is in sync with what the viewing audience has been provided, and the jury votes in line with that, then if MT or M are in the final three, they automatically win the million, more so MT then M. If they are not and BR is in the final three, he wins the million. The only chance A can win the million is if MT, M, BR and G are not in the final three. If its G, P, and N, then G wins. P and N have no chance of winning, especially P

In conclusion, I can't just say, for example, BR will win or MT will win, because as you can see from my thought processes above, that would be a lie. There are so many possible outcomes, but all I know is that it will be a fun watch to cap off a great season.

  • Anyone else watching the finale tonight?
  • Any problems with my thought processes?
  • Who do you think is going to win?
  • Who do you hope is going to win?
Let me know below!


  1. i never liked that show tbh.

  2. I saw couple episodes in past, this show looks boring.

  3. I would totally win on this show.

  4. used to watch this. Haven't followed it for a while though

  5. i miss survivor :( theres no survivor in my country

  6. I haven't watched Survivor in years, but I think I might start watching since it's the last season.