Thursday, 12 May 2011

Other: Okay, Now I'm Confused!

Just a random occurrence that I cannot explain, and will now reveal in hopes that someone else can make sense of it.

That is, ever since I posted my "TV: Game of Thrones" piece, I have been getting an unusual amount of page views solely on that topic. When it was the top article, it only got up to 7 comments, which was a decent haul, but normally after a topic has fallen from the top position, it no longer gets any serious viewership. 

For some reason, however, that article has almost tripled the next leading page view article count, and continues to garner the top position almost every day. It's not even on the default front page anymore! 

This stuff just boggles my mind. Anyone know what could be happening? Haha.

Thanks, Jonny.


  1. I think people might have been on the game of thrones page while bookmarking your blog, so every time they come take a look they load the game of thrones page and from there on go view the newer posts.

  2. Great blog! Keep the posts coming, i enjoy reading them!

  3. I can't believe that guy was a president while I was growing up.

  4. I google image searched for a good Westeros map (keywords 'game of thrones map') and yours was the second or third image to show up-- that's how I found the page. Likely that's the reason.