Saturday, 7 May 2011

Other: Quick Little Post...

How you doing guys?

Just a quick little post letting everyone know I have activated a little poll at the top right of the main page, and I was wondering if you could take the time to let me know what types of blogs you most prefer. Be aware that you are able to pick more then one option, so feel free to vote for what option(s) fit you best.

I realize that sometimes it is difficult to take the time out of your day to check in on the world of blogs, so it is always my goal to refine my topics to best meet the interest of the majority, as it is always easier reading about something you enjoy! 

Thanks, Jon.


  1. I'm fine, thanks, like your post :)

  2. W00t! I'm the majority right now!

  3. Not much of a majority with only two votes :P