Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Movies: CFotW - Rock N Roll High School

Hey guys! 

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          This week I will be starting up the previously proposed section Cult Film of the Week. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would like to continue seeing on my blog.

Rock N Roll High School (1979)

Set in the, then-present of 1979, Rock N Roll High School follows a set of teenagers trying to make sense of their typical, confusing, boring, and imprisoned high school lives. You get all the stereotypes in this film, the geeky girl, the rocker chick, the good looking shy boy, the sinister hall monitors, and an evil new principle. 

Okay, so far this sounds like any other high school film of the time. 
What makes this a cult film? 

The Ramones. And not just their songs. The ACTUAL Ramones

On top of the zaniness of the members of the Ramones attempting to say lines and not laugh, the film also takes the approach of what could now be called the "parody" movie, in the sense that, unlike some movies of its genre like Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club, it contains many elements that separate it from "reality". If you watch it you'll know what I mean. 

All in all, this is a great film, Ramones fan or not, and I would definitely suggest you check it out. To end it off, here's the trailer.

  • Had anyone ever heard of this film before today?
  • Do you like hearing about cult films?
  • Any suggestions for future editions of Cult Film of the Week?


  1. Lol, so do they blow up the school? Iv never seen this one before but it looks on par with a lot of the off beat things i have seen. I'll check it out next time i have a few horus to kill.

  2. I love cult films, didn't know about this one though. If you could do posts are the more obscure, unknown ones that would be awesome.

  3. Yeah this looks like my kind of film!

  4. I've actually seen this movie. It's not bad either.

  5. Never heard of it, but it looks pretty cool xD

  6. AWesome movie is awesome! :D

  7. I remember this movie.

    For CFotW next week, or just in the future, I recommend Barbarella. It has Jane Fonda in it, and it defies explanation!

  8. Haven't seen it, ill check it out

  9. I have to watch.. Thanks bro!!