Friday, 20 May 2011

Internets: Proposals & Head Shots

Today, the big movers on the interwebs, Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!! and Diet Coke + Mentos FAIL, are each a combination of the classic attributes needed for a viral video.

First, Diet Coke + Mentos FAIL:

Here we have a mix of the Diet Coke + Mentos fad of early youtube fame, the FAIL aspects of the America's Funniest Home Videos, and the surprise value common in most "you won't expect this/this won't ever happen again" clips.  Good stuff.

Last, Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!:

On the other hand, this video uses the marriage-themed viral attribute that Youtube came up with a year or two ago made famous with that one with the dancing procession, builds off the commonly seen "greatest ask out/prom/wedding/surprise", and finally adds the "we can see their face/reaction" of many good, and not so good viral hits like that one where we see people get sick on rides, and that one where we see people get sick watching disgusting videos.    

However, I personally didn't really like this video as I believe it suffers from being way to long

  • What did you think about these two virals?
  • Disappointed at the state of virals these days?
  • Or do you think its okay to combine old themes to make new virals?
Let me know below!


  1. i predict vomitting will become the new viral video hit

  2. Don't like virals, bullshit.

  3. Dang, slamming that coke bottle like that is asking for trouble.

  4. The Mentos one was hilarious, although I feel bad for the guy who got a painful clock in the head from that coke bottle.

    The wedding one was sweet, although I'd like to know more about how he bribed the theatre to show the clip (and it was a little long).

  5. First, If that wasn't on camera, it would be such a waste, and second, indeed, most awesome proposal ever.