Sunday, 5 June 2011

Movies: JJ Abrams & Super 8

This upcoming Friday, Super 8, by J. J. Abrams, creator of Lost, Alias, MI:3 and Star Trek, will be released at the cinema, and in honor of this, I wanted to highlight a selection of interesting footage of J. J. Abrams explaining his thoughts on film making. 

First, I have selected an interview he did with TIME magazine, in which he talks about his role as a director, how he chooses to make films, and his philosophy on success in television. This interview took place just after his completion of Star Trek.

Next, in this two part piece, Abrams talks to the audience at TED about his views on storytelling, where he gets his inspiration, and his youth and how it shaped his world-view. This talk took place after he had created Lost, but still had not completed his work on Cloverfield.

Part 1

Part 2

To end it all off, here's the most recent trailer for Super 8. Enjoy.

  • Anyone going to see this movie?
  • If your a fan of Abrams, what is your favorite piece that he has done?
  • Cloverfield: Yes or No?


  1. I plan on seeing this. I don't really have a favorite piece of his. Cloverfield, yes.

  2. Yeah i think im going to end up seeing this film. thanks on sharing this background info.

  3. I am so stoked to see this one when it comes out! I'm trying for opening day!!!!

  4. cloverfield was a great movie. I'm totes gonna see super 8. it looks great!

  5. probs wont watch this movie, but it does look pretty cool

  6. cloverfield was epic. Is there a sequel planned for it or what?

  7. Yep, going to see a movie.
    Not a fan of Abrams.
    Cloverfield - yes.

  8. I couldn't get the last video to load yesterday but I finally got it to! Does anyone know if this is supposed to be appropriate for children? I just noticed that it seems a lot like cloverfield (from what i have heard of it since I haven't seen cloverfield yet), but with kids instead of adults playing the main roles. Is this correct?

  9. @Heather

    From what I understand, it's more akin to Encounters of a Third Kind, if you've ever seen that, which, like Super 8, has Steven Spielberg involved. It's scary, but not "bloody horror I don't want to watch this" scary. I personally get spooked out from anything that contains humanoid aliens, but I don't hide in a corner and cry. And I assume Super 8 won't be that. Honestly, I don't even expect it to be scary, but just "unworldly" with action and suspenseful scenes, like Jurassic Park II when the T-Rex is in the city.

  10. I say yes to all of the questions!

  11. I still don't entirely understand what the movie is ABOUT