Thursday, 9 June 2011

Gaming: Nintendo Wii-U, a Blast or a Bomb?

Continuing on from the theme of the week, E3, Nintendo announced in their E3 coverage the next-gen console Wii-U, a system similar to the original Wii, but instead of the joystick/controller combo, the controller is what I was call a mix between a Gameboy and a tablet.

According to the newly released information, the large screen in the middle is also a touch screen; something Nintendo hopes will open up a total new and unique gaming experience. Another reported quirk is that a user will be able to use the middle screen as the main screen when needed, a technology that Nintendo hopes will solve the common household issue of "I want to use the TV, no I want to use the TV". Also included is advanced gizmos and gadgets like motion sensors, blah blah blah. 

The first time I heard about this, the first thing I thought was, this thing is going to bomb HARD. Logically, Nintendo should be going in the direction of "less controller is MORE controlling", but instead they went for a clunkier iPad of a device that probably costs way to much (as it has a big screen and a built in camera). Honestly how many more options does this touch pad add? Nothing an iPhone can't already do, that's for sure. Nintendo also stuck with their generation-behind graphics module, as everything presented seemed like a distant second to all the new stuff coming out of Microsoft and the failure of a company called Sony. 

The stock market agreed, as even though the Nintendo fan-boys loved the announcement, nobody else did, and Nintendo's stock fell roughly 5%; so low that it is now actually at a pre-Wii level. I think this is turning into the new SEGA Dreamcast, or even the PS3 Boomarang controller. When you fail, you fail HARD in the gaming industry. 

In other news, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  • What is your opinion on the Wii-U?
  • Uphill or downhill for Nintendo?
  • Can anything be more cute?
Let me know in the discussion box below! 


  1. The hardware look wonderful, but I doubt game makers will know what to do with it and how to build user interfaces that aren't frustrating.

  2. The abilities seem great, but design is Fail.
    But luckily this is the prototype, so maybe they can mange to bring it back for the depths of fail to a passable B in my book.

  3. That just doesn't look comfortable to hold.

  4. Hopefully it will fit in your hands better on release, but I don't think the graphics really is a problem as Nintendo mainly deals with family friendly bright colours and such. Plus that extremely high quality graphics aren't really impressive any more to anyone who uses one of these things regularly.

    They really got the gold with the Wii, and topping that is pretty impossible, but I hope this new one will at least have all the same features as the Wii does. Those nun chucks certainly are better in every way than that clunky crap, but I suppose all the Wii accessory will work on this new thing, because that's just how Nintendo works.

    All in all I'd say this new gizmo is pointless, and they should rather work in improving the Wii

  5. Looks like it could be a blast if they got a heavy hitter game on it. Until then its just a screen controller.

  6. Strange, but I'm Wii-Positive. I bet it will be better then expected.

  7. bro that looks like it can go either way but it looks so big and uncomfortable

  8. If the games can be developed for it to take advantage of everything new, the console will succeed... The original DS had issues starting out because none of the games were new. Thankfully that got fixed and look how popular it is now

  9. Never tried much of anything from nintendo, maybe this will be different

  10. Nintendos always "outhere" with those products. very intresting idea they got.

  11. The controller doesn't really look "comfortable" but i do like the way that they are trying to bring out something new.