Friday, 5 August 2011

Other: Ola Lolla!

Well, two caffeine drinks, three toll roads and 8 hours later, I have finally arrived in the good ol' Windy City!

First stop, deal with my wristband issues. Being the idiot that I am, I read all the fine print, except for the key bolded line specifically telling event-goers to put the wristband on their right hand. Guess which hand I put it on?


One hour later in line ... all is settled. Thank God for nice customer service reps.

Took a stroll through Millennium Park, saw some art, has some deep dish pizza. Ready to go. Excited for tomorrow? Oh yeah. More to come!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to say that Lollapalooza was cancelled. I guess they filled the gap with this new festival Lol--Palooza. See for yourself...

  • Anyone else in Chicago?
  • Any suggestions for alternative attractions?
  • Oh yeah?


  1. It really makes that much of a difference that you put the band on your left hand? Wow. Where I go for holiday there's this place called The Lookout Pub, but every time we go, different lights are missing, it's a joke to try and find out what the pub will be called this year lol. Maybe for once all the lights will work. Given what an institution lollapalooza is, I'm kind of surprised there are lights missing.

  2. Not exactly sure what festival this is but in Australia, the most popular ones are music festivals with dubstep, techno and the likes. Nothing like walking in with a bunch of mates, hot girls everywhere and the beat drops. BOOM!

  3. Hahaha the fact you have to wear it on a particular arms seems a little silly, but cest la vie.

  4. jealous, I wish I could be at lolla right now

  5. wow thats lame. Was it really cancelled? :(

  6. I can't believe it was cancelled

  7. They make so much fuss about whether you put the wrist band on your left or on your right hand? :S

  8. Why did it get cancelled? Enjoy your stay in Chicago!

  9. why did it get cancelled?

  10. Is it really that important which hand you put the band on?
    Why was lolla cancelled? D:
    Never been to Chicago... or the US for that matter so cant really help ya!