Monday, 29 August 2011

Other: The End

We need to talk ...

First off, my computer ended up not being fixable, and the "company", as all companies do, wormed their way out of warranty  coverage by claiming there was traces of water damage, which according to them, invalidated the claim. It's really almost funny, how poor workmanship is covered under the warranty, but not the resulting conditions of poor workmanship, ie. moisture seeping into the product over time due to bad insulation.

Anyways, after I got over that whole ordeal, I did my research and got a pretty decent deal on a new laptop.

Hopefully this one will hold up better then the last.

Now I wish that was the worst news I could be bring to you today, but it sadly is not. I came back from my leave to discover a disabled account. Now this isn't the first time I've had a tussle with the big man upstairs, but it will be my last, as I am just tired of constantly having to deal with their utter lack of care for theirs users.

It's just no longer worth it any more, at least under current conditions, and because of this, I have decided to take a  permanent leave of absence from the blogging community. Hey, maybe in a while I might reconsider and come back to blogging - maybe even right back here ... but most likely not.

Well, it's been a fun ride. Times when I loved it, times when I didn't. Overall though, I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge, opinion, interests and just my self with you guys, and hopefully you enjoyed it just the same.

Thanks again for your time over the past months, and hopefully you learned something!

Jonny D, signing off.


  1. It's a shame to see you leaving, but as long as you had fun on the way it should be worth it. Maybe if you aren't blogging your new computer will last longer :)

  2. I've never had that. Our companies over here are really nice. I once dropped my 22" LCD screen on the floor, giving it a big red bar straight over it. I went there and was like "it just sat there and broke" and they gave me a new one almost instantly. I came in the next day with my laptop, which i also dropped, and the HDD fried on =P

  3. It was fun while it lasted! Hopefully you will be back

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    It is sad that you decided to quit.

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