Friday, 29 April 2011

Music: Lollapalooza Line-up, Revealed!

Last Tuesday, Lollapalooza, the final summer musical festival stop held annually at Grant Park, Chicago, revealed the much anticipated line-up for the 20th anniversary, 2011 event. Expectations were high following the success of last year’s stellar line-up consisting of headliners Lady Gaga, Green Day, Sound Garden, the Strokes and Arcade Fire. 

It is no surprise then, that the organizers kept the bar high when they announced what may become one of the best collection of artists in recent times. Headlining 2011 will be:         
  • The ever popular Eminem, riding off the success of his latest chart topping album Relapse. 
  • Rock revelers The Foo Fighters, touring in support of their new album Wasting Light.
  • Coldplay, in the midst of their globe-trotting tour and potentially an upcoming album TBD.
  • The Grammy-winning band Muse, who have recently broken into the mainstream  in America.
  • My Morning Jacket, one of the most respected and inventive bands of recent years.
  • DeadMau5, recently popularized Canadian Electronic superstar known for his iconic mouse mask.                 

Along with these big names, there are numerous other festival favourites stuffed into the three day spectacle - Cee Lo Green, The Kills, Skrillix, Girl Talk, an Lykke Li to name a few.

Unfortunately, with good always comes bad, so  here’s a few artists that sadly were not chosen to perform, which many might find disappointing:

  • MGMT, Lollapalooza attendees in the past, might be feeling the aftereffect resulting from their less mainstream second album Congratulations.  
  • Arcade Fire, alas, after headlining Coachella, the band is taking a break after their Grammy winning album of the year The Suburbs.  
  • Oddly, festival veterans Yeah Yeah Yeahs are nowhere to be seen.   
  • Personal favourites Metric are also not to be found - new album in the works?

I will actually be attending Lollapalooza this year, and I’m ecstatic! So has anyone else experienced any surprises this festival season? Is anyone attending any music events this year?


  1. I heard Arctic Monkeys were gonna play, that alone makes me wanna go.

  2. Looks Great! I wish I could go. Most of these guys are on my phone right now

  3. ahhh yea skrillex and deadmau5 :)

  4. That is a great looking lineup

  5. DeadMau5 got panned in Vice recently. I'll still check it out though. Thanks for the update.

    Eminem, pssh. Who cares anymore. He did an iced tea commercial.

  6. Can't wait, especially Dead Mau5's performance.

  7. Wow your lucky to goto that man, you have so many awesome festivals in the states

  8. I wish I didn't live in the UK, especially because of Coldplay.

    Following. :>

  9. I absolutely love the DJ pic. :D

  10. It looks awesome,nice line up for the Festival

  11. I so want to go!!!

  12. Oh yes, wish I could go so badly

  13. That's serious crap. But have a good time man.