Tuesday, 22 February 2011

TV: The Amazing Race

What can I say? I don't pick and choose my TV!

As you will hopefully come to learn, my show selections are all over the place, as I tend to, in life, not choose what I like based on genre or style, but instead on what I feel is successful, or at very least enjoyable.

Today I will be discussing the The 18th season of The Amazing Race.

The first leg of 18th season of The Amazing Race kicked off Sunday (Feb 20) with an 'All Star' cast of past contestants, none of whom won the top prize in their previous attempts. It's a mix of fan favorites, recent 'almost winners', the always required 'hot teams', and a few people who I don't recognize myself, but I'm sure fit into one of the categories. 

I'll be the first to admit that I am not one of the "hardcore" Amazing Race fans; I'll watch every other season, and sometimes my interest trails off once my chosen "team" gets the boot, but I do try and really get myself into the game, which brings me to the premiere. (On a personal note, I was disappointed to find out my all-time favorite team the Jumba's, of Youtube fame, contestants in the 17th season, did not get invited back, but instead a bland father-daughter team)

What really makes me excited with this upcoming season is that they are really shaking things up, or at least it's looking that way. Like all aging reality shows, the producers are constantly trying to spice things up - adding surprise eliminations right off the bat, new and (usually) confusing challenges; but this time the lay-of-the-land seems to be in a neo-classic style of game. By this I mean the producers seem to have taken off the 'added baggage' of later seasons, and reverted to a groomed and simplistic presentation - no surprise elimination, no silly tricks to add fake drama to the show - instead its back to the roots of travel scenarios, and how they can turn to the worst. 

I don't want to ruin the fun of the episode, but I just love when something happens that completely changes the team positions in the blink of an eye!


  1. It's really interesting! Keep posting

  2. love this show!

  3. These shows are the reason I got rid of cable :x

    jk I can still watch em now that I have free antenna :)

  4. @Fighter Thanks!

    @Anonymous It can get intense, hehe.

    @Alexander Yeah, I'm like that with most reality shows. I can only do three reality shows: Biggest Loser, Survivor and this.

  5. Never really got into this show.