Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Movies: The Oscars

Hey, today's piece will simply consist of the major Oscar results accompanied with my opinion. 

  • Art Direction Alice in Wonderland
    • Since this is generally seen as a throwaway award, I expected them to give it to either Alice or Inception. I can see an argument for Alice winning the award, but I would've given it to Inception, because in my opinion Alice was good at best, and its use of 3D was gimmicky, whereas Inception really pushed the boundaries of film imagery this past year. 
  • Cinematography Inception
    • I definitely agree with this selection,  because the only other movie that came close to Inception in this regard would have been Black Swan. Inception's whole concept flowed through its use of cinematography.
  • Best Supporting Actress Melissa Leo The Fighter
    • I actually haven't seen The Fighter as of yet, the movie didn't look interesting through the trailer, but now that I look, I've only seen one of the best supporting actress nominee films. Mhmm. I guess that means I have no comment in this section.
  • Best Animated Feature Film Toy Story 3
    • Obvious choice is obvious.

  • Best Adapted Screenplay Aaron Sorkin The Social Network
    • I was surprised to find out that this movie's literary origins, and now that I know this I can really see where the book bleeds into the film. In comparison to the other films nominated in this catagory, it really isn't a surprise that this film won, as it is easily in the top 5 movies of the year.
  • Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale The Fighter
    • This is funny, because once again, for the supporting Actor category, I have only seen one of the movies from the five nominees. Question: Were The Town/The Fighter/Kids Are Alright/Winter's Bone any good? I was under the impression that these films bombed, but since they got nominated, it makes me wonder.
  • Best Original Score Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross The Social Network
    • Its really nice to see a major recording artist dedicated themselves to a unique project and be rewarded for their efforts.
  • Best Documentary Feature Inside Job
    • I was severely disappointed to find out that Banksy's documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop lost. I extremely enjoyed that documentary, including the subtle twist/mind-blowing part at the end that really makes you think...
  • Best Visual Effects Inception
    • Honestly, if Inception didn't win, I would have no hope for the Academy.

  • Best Film Editing The Social Network
    • A well deserved honor, as the editing in this film was make or break, and thankfully, it really made this film great.
  • Best Original Song Randy Newman “We Belong Together” Toy Story 3
    • You could write a computer program for this award "If nominee = "Randy Newman" then printf "Randy Newman wins". ;P
  • Best Director Tom Hooper The King’s Speech
    • Biggest tossup of the night, in my opinion. All the nominees are prestigious directors who've really proven themselves this year. All of them could have and should have won. 
  • Best Actress Natalie Portman Black Swan
    • No brainer. Portman solidified herself as one of the greatest young actresses of our time, as her dedication to this movie proved.

  • Best Actor Colin Firth The King’s Speech
    • After all that stammering he deserved some award. Haha! But seriously, this year, Firth and Geoffrey Rush pushed the boundaries of character development, as their amazing chemistry really built upon the solid narrative of The King's Speech to allow it to become one of the best films of the year.
  • Best Picture The King’s Speech
    • Similar to the Best Director category, it is my opinion that every film nominated this year was truly powerful in their own unique ways. However, I was surprised that Black Swan did not win, solely because it would seem to fall suit to the Academy's usually selection for Best Picture. 'Popular, but not the biggest boxseller', 'Slightly odd narrative', 'heavy acting requirement', and 'psychological content, both physically and emotionally." I also felt that it was odd that The King's Speech won over the other choices because of its heavy dependency on historical content. 

Anyways, sorry about this lack of content today, had a hectic day! Should I go see those film that I haven't seen? Where you surprised about any of the picks? How did you find this year's Oscars in general? 


  1. Inception definitely should have won best picture.

  2. I have to agree with Carlin, Inception deserved a little more recognition.

  3. Trent Reznor still shocks me

  4. Yeah Inception was a top notch movie.

  5. black swan is the best

  6. Great write up, I still have to see some of these.

  7. I haven't seen yet king's speech, but Inception is a great movie, should have won more awards

  8. I guess i need to see King's speech.
    Curiously, i didn't find Inception such a great movie.

  9. Good stuff, can't believe that I've yet to see some of these movies

  10. Natalie Portman es genial. Me alegro por ella.

  11. Wow gonna check some of these out!

  12. didn't watch the awards but glad to see that some of the films won their awards like the kings speech and inception, they all deserved it :)

  13. Pretty much what I expected, except it annoys me that Alice in Wonderland won anything

  14. Most of the Academy were young when the events of the King's Speech happened, so it seemed highly relevent to them.

  15. I thought the hosts could have been better. Franco was high as a kite

  16. i hated this years academy awards. really expected much more from franco/hathaway

  17. it's a shame, true grit should have won an oscar...